International Philanthropreneur - Shy Kurtz sacrificed his career as a professional athlete to serve as an elite combat soldier overseas, after which time he was invited to Milan, Paris , L.A. & New York to grace the covers of the world’s leading fashion magazines.

Shy lived, worked, & served in over 30 countries before attending university, where he became an award-winning scholar, obtaining straight “A”s with uncanny certainty, as well as 4 degrees. Shy’s unique study methods were noticed & he was asked to take a battery of tests, among which he scored better than 99.9% of his cohort on the WAIS-III IQ-test. Ironically, he was also diagnosed with rare patterns of learning disabilities, including CAPD & “dyslexia”. Still, he managed to finish 2 law degrees in record time, while co-authoring & publishing legal texts with Faculty professors.

After his studies, Shy continued as a researcher, focusing on innovative financing techniques, & joined the boards of several leading Canadian charities & nonprofits, applying & developing his expertise in tax, nonprofit, & charity law. Despite his pioneering nonprofit work, when Shy suddenly became a single father of two, he had to work for profit too. He began working at a leading law firm but was unable to strike that balance.

Now, Shy combines his skills in language, logic, law, & lore to address worldwide social imbalances through methods of wealth redistribution, as a philanthropreneur. Shy structures Canadian Government-registered programs that annually bring hundreds of millions of dollars of AIDS relief to world leading charities, NGOs & to the Ministries of the Interior of embattled Sub-Saharan African nations. Shy will not only inspire and empower you, as he does our nations’ wealthiest, but he will also teach you how you too can do well by doing good.

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